J-Idris is a musical visionary. Singer, producer, song writer and performer — music is not only his passion, it is in his composition. Born in New Jersey to Charles Smith (co-founder of Kool and the Gang) and Rai Ragland (a popular back up singer featured on the classic track “Celebration”), he was raised in the presence of A-list celebrities, all night parties and endless studio sessions. His parents were often on the road, which left Justin to mature at a young age and with a need to develop his own musical style. While he was born into the party that was going on right there, life was not always good times and laughter throughout the years. It was not until moments before the untimely death of his father, that the proverbial torch was passed and his inner artist emerged. A new sound poured out that eloquently infuses EDM & pop with elements of rock and hip hop to promote a positive message and an overall feel-good vibe.  He is a natural performer who has toured the world, playing stadiums in front of 50,000 people – on stage is where this artist really comes alive.

Rebranded under the moniker “J-Idris”, his recent relocation to Miami is directly reflected in his latest oeuvres. The sounds are sunny, happy, and energetic. He manages to stay a step ahead of the curve while knocking out a catchy sound that current top 40 radio is both lacking and craving. His music adds a refreshing, upbeat and funky spirit to something that comes from victoriously having fought the demons within the depths of his soul.

Under independent imprint Hot And Messy Records, J-Idris is currently working on an EP called #VcVc (for Very Close, Very Close) to be released Summer 2014.   The first single, “Stare at the Ocean” has been greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response in the clubs and on commercial radio. Some collaborators who have contributed to the EP include singer/actress Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black), rocker Dave Navarro and producer Anthony Acid.

Tune into Mega 94.9 Miami (ClearChannel Top 40 radio) to hear “Stare At The Ocean” in the current rotation and catch J-Idris this summer on the #VcVc promotional tour.

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